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August Craft Month 2017

The Art Jewellery Network presents a series of talks by various Contemporary/Art Jewellers.This is an opportunity to meet and network with other contemporary Jewellers who work within Ireland. The talks will give an insight into the working life of emerging and established Makers. We would encourage each member of the audience to participate in a networking opportunity, a Schmucktisch, where you can bring a piece of work to show as part of the discussion. Everyone welcome, booking required follow the link below for more information:

Click here to book.

Date:  Thursday 31st August 2017

Time:  18:30 – 20:30

Venue: Blick Studios, Hill Street, Belfast

Theme: Design / Materials / Integrity

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‘HOME 2015’


An art jewellery exchange exhibition between Convoi Exceptionnel (Finland) and Art Jewellery Network (Ireland).

convoi exceptionnel & Art Jewellery Network proudly present:

Pohdintoja kodista & kansallisuudesta – Thoughts about home & nationality

Mikä tekee kodista kodin? Onko koti paikka, mielentila, muisto? Miten kansallisuus vaikuttaa? Jokainen vastaus on erilainen – näyttely esittelee 18 näkökulmaa korutaiteen keinoin.

What makes you feel like home? Is home for you a place, a state of mind, a memory? How does the nationality effect? Every answer is different – the exhibition will present 18 point of views by the means of jewellery art.

AVAJAISET 4.8.2015 klo 18, Tervetuloa!! / OPENING 4.8.2015 at 18:00, Welcome!!

This exhibition showcases the work of 9 Irish Art Jewellers alongside 9 Finnish Art Jewellers. Each jeweller has made a piece based on the theme of ‘Home’, the work will be exhibited in Taidebunkkeri, Finland 4th to 30th August and in Belfast, Ireland 1st to 31st of October 2015.

Taiteilijat / Artists:







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Chain Reaction Exhibition 2014.

We are ready for the next opening of our Chain Reaction Exhibition at Space CRAFT, lots of positive feedback so far! This exhibition brings together the work of 14 unique contemporary jewellers based in/or from Ireland. To find out more check out our facebook page here or our blog for some sneak peaks.

Jewellery workshops available to the public for further information find further information on our blog here.

A bit of background on the exhibition:

The title ‘Chain Reaction’ comes from our aim and great desire to bring together jewellers of the conceptually inspired variety. It is an ever growing chain that reflects AJN and its growing community. For this exhibition each jeweller has been invited to make a chain which will be part of a large installation piece. Alongside this we will also show a range of each makers jewellery offering an insight into their own practice.

As much as our network is about bringing together fellow conceptual jewellers, we want to bring more public awareness to our form of art. We are also offering two interactive workshops for the public as part of the exhibition.


Below is more information about the venues and events in which this project will be exhibited.

European Heritage Open Days (EHOD) weekend on the 13th & 14th September 2014 in St. George’s Parish Church, High Street, Belfast. The exhibition has been agreed to stay on until Saturday 20th September 2014.

Opening times: 
St George’s Church 105 High Street, Belfast:
Saturday 13th September 11am to 4pm
Sunday 14th September 2pm to 4pm
Culture Night 19th September 5:30pm to 8:30pm
This exhibition will also be on show in Space CRAFT, 9B The Fountain Centre, College Street, Belfast from 3rd October to 1st of November 2014.


Culture Night Belfast, Friday 19th September 2014. The exhibition will be held in St. Geogre’s Parish Church and a small concession will be exhibited in Tattoos for Lost Souls, 14-16 North Street, as a window exhibition in the heart of the festivities.

Thursday 2nd October – Saturday 1st November 2014- Space CRAFT, 9B The Fountain Centre, College Street, Belfast, BT1 6ET.

Opening times: 

Preview: 2nd October 2014 6-8pm – everyone welcome.
Gallery open times: Monday to Saturday 10:30am to 5:30pm

For further information contact:





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